Powering the Virse Ecosystem with

our proprietary hardware range.

Join VIRSE today by buying FlightDeck’s

hardware and get a head start staking

and creating your own station and store!

The Virse ecosystem explained...

Virse combines a virtual universe, backed by a store and marketplace.

Our Vi-centalized bank, supplies our economy of inhabitants with VIR's. VIR's are the currency used within the Virse ecosystem. Flightdeck VR supports this groundbreaking vision by offering inhabitants our immersive hardware: ranging from entry level VR access to state of the art 3D mobile devices.

Virtual Reality for all.

Introducing the Vizor range from FlightDeck VR.

Become an Ambassador today!

Invite your friends to become a citizen and when they take flight and become an ambassador, you’ll earn rewards and on every friend they introduce to the Virtual Universe.

Unlock the ability to create and publish content
on VImarket - our VR Store.

Unlock your own VR departure lounge where you can
build up a network of citizens using your VIID referral code.


Get to know the company behind the future of stereoscopic VR

Who are we?

Providers of the world's most innovative
Virse tab by Flightdeck

What is our mission?

To break down the barriers between
humans and technology, through
the creation of an immersive
new VR experience

Where can you meet us?

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General Info: info@flightdeckvr.com

Tech Support: tech@flightdeckvr.com

4195 Chino Hills PKWY, unit 499, Chino Hills CA 91709, USA


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