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Glasses-free 3D Android Tablet


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Ortus Arena

Ortus is a quick playing tactical game for two players. Everybody age 10 and up can enjoy a half hour skirmish set in a fantasy martial arts world.

261 #W3DC Winter '14

Jaggy Race

Jaggy Race! is a 2.5D speed-platform gravity racing game with a quick and reactive gameplay! Jaggy Race! is very simple to play, but hard to master!

78 #W3DC Winter '14

Turbo Finger Swipe

Swipe your way to victory in this arcade turned 3D action-packed thriller!

546 #W3DC Winter '14

Alien Jelly

Alien Jelly is a 3D action puzzle game, with the main mechanic being the ability to rotate the world space to solve the puzzle.

182 #W3DC Winter '14

Stop the Bots

An alien ship is attacking the Earth! They’re stripping the planet of all its resources!

34 #W3DC Winter '14

Flying Fishy

Flying Fishy is a simple, one touch, fun game.There will be a fish in the game and she wants to fly high.

60 #W3DC Winter '14


PewPew! is a shoot 'em up game with an emphasis on game changing powerups.

27 #W3DC Winter '14


Iterazer is a tool for the creation of highly complex structures using simple multitouch interactions.

35 #W3DC Winter '14


A music-driven game that aims to connect emotionally and take players on a truly immersive journey.

29 #W3DC Winter '14

Razorspine Dungeons

The World of Legendary Adventure (WLA) is formed by the two elemental poles, the South Pole of Chaos and the North Pole of Order.

78 #W3DC Winter '14

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